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Welcome to Fairhome Interiors' first blog issue!  

We are a little decorating store (of 15 years) in quaint downtown Burlington, Ontario.  We are passionate about our homes, your homes, beautiful fabric (oh...we love touching, looking, sewing!) and new, vintage and eclectic home decor pieces.  

Grab a coffee, a tea, heck even a glass of wine and prepare to be inspired, educated and entertained in all that is home decor...and possibly more!


Do you find yourself looking at the sofa in your living room (which was one of your first big furniture purchases 12 years ago) - pining for a fresher, updated look?  Or that super, comfy chair in the family room which has been used as a scratching post by the cat (who has been long gone for years now)... envisioning a more modern fabric without tatters?

Many of us are not sure whether it is worthwhile having a piece re-upholstered or tossing it and buying new.  Here are some good reasons why you may want to have that piece professionally re-upholstered:

  • It holds sentimental value, especially if it is a precious family heirloom, handed down from generation to generation.
  •  It is a piece that was custom-built or otherwise not easily replaced that fits perfectly in a specific space, or accommodates a particular need.
  • It is a high-quality piece of furniture that is well-crafted...has a solid frame, the coil springs are in good condition and basically, you've had it forever and the "bones" still look like they did the day you purchased it. 
  • You are effectively “recycling” your chair or sofa rather than adding it to the ever-growing mass of landfill.
  • It is simply a delightful piece that you love!

The price to have your furniture re-upholstered will vary according to the size and complexity of it as well as the fabric you choose. Your professional re-upholsterer can normally give you an estimate of the cost if you provide a photo with an accurate description of your furnishing.

Here are a couple of pics to offer you some inspiration!




Happy decorating :)


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