Flowers Red Poppy Half Pint Mug

Flowers Red Poppy Half Pint Mug

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Enjoy a warming beverage in the morning, afternoon or evening in this floral tankard-style mug from Emma Bridgewater.

The half pint mug features a stunning, illustrated design of poppies. These large blooms feature crimpled petals in soft shades of red, each one with a multitude of delicate yellow stamen inside. The design is set against the cream ceramic earthen-ware allowing the design to look truly striking. Inside the rim of this floral mug the design continues with the word ‘Poppies’ written in a stylish capital font along with a single flower. The mug holds 0.3 litres of liquid, great for an ample size beverage.

This attractive ceramic mug is perfect to give as a gift for a friend or loved one, and is ideal for a birthday, at Easter or as a way to say thank you. 

Not suitable for Microwave use. Not Oven safe.

Dishwasher safe, however it is recommended to wash in lower temperature with liquid detergent to maintain appearance.